Saturday, March 21, 2009


Yesterday Drek and I drove up to the capitol to visit my parents, who were staying overnight close to hospital where my dad received his chemo treatment. We went up to visit, to talk, and to play Robo Rally. My dad was doing remarkably well and it was nice to play with him. We had to be back so Drek could interview someone at his work. There were several delays (that's what happens when your husband trusts a mechanical women over you) but we did manage to make it back in time.

Yesterday night Drek, my sister and her husband and I had a game night. They introduced a game called St Petersburg. It's a fun game. I lost horribly, but I am intrigued to play again. The best part of the night was the socializing.

This morning was a game of Ultimate Frisbee. Hopefully, it will be a weekly tradition this spring and summer. It was so much fun to play but I am so sore now. I am very out of shape.

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