Sunday, January 11, 2009

Not the Smell, Not the Look, But the Sound of the Crust

I. Made. Bread. I MADE it. Myself. BREAD. So great.

I have never made bread before. This is so very exciting. Oh! I am just so proud of myself. I will never have to buy bread again!!

Krisling gave me a bread maker for Christmas. It came with a small manual. The manual explained all these settings and how it worked and said is included recipes. The only recipes were one for a chocolate cake and one for jam. There were no bread recipes. I soon discovered that if you put too much ingredients into the bread maker, it could explode, and since I didn't know how much ingredients to put in, I did not make bread.

Yesterday I used the bread maker to make the chocolate cake. It was...not exactly delicious. It was cake, but it, not the best cake ever. So I decided this was a BREAD maker, and would make extra-delicious bread!! This morning I googled images of bread makers, found one that matched mine, got the model number and found the complete manual for my model of bread maker online. Hooray for Google!! This manual had recipes. I tried the recipe this morning and this was the result:


I have wheat. It came with our food storage we got for Christmas. Now all I need is a wheat grinder and I will be set!!

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