Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Alcohol: The Cause Of, And Solution To, All Of Life's Problems

Aaron came over last night. He brought his wii and all his lovely games. It was my...3rd? time ever playing the wii so it's still new and exciting to me. We played Mario Cart, which is so much more difficult when you don't know what you are doing, or which buttons do what. We had a blast. I even managed to win a few races.

During the transition between races the screen told us it couldn't read the disc and and that we couldn't play that level. We rebooted and tried again; Same thing. We rebooted and tried a different level; same thing. Aaron was distraught. And that's when the genius of Xirax came to me for a moment. I got out my most-awesome-teeny-tiny-bottle of 100%, entirely Russian vodka and cleaned the disc with it. We put it back in the wii and we didn't even have to reboot, the game started in three seconds flat. We even went back and played the level that caused the problem. Bwhahaha.

After this highly successful escapade I had to think to myself; Vodka is expensive and yet, so useful. You can clean/repair discs, make your hair shiny, make air fresheners that have a shelf life of two years and so on. Why would you waste this precious commodity by drinking it? Also, it smells disgusting.

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