Thursday, January 01, 2009

Even When You Have a Bottom the Size of Two Bowling Balls

Ah 2008, you were a crappy year. I will not miss you.

2009 came in with...noise. Drek and I celebrated up at his family's house. We played lots of games and ate yummy appetizers and talked and set goals and then did the whole count down thing. Yeah!
And then I went home and slept, woke up and went skiing with Krisling. The skier guy there thought I was Kris's mom. Apparently 2008 was not a good year for me.

-Write in my gratitude journal everyday, right before I get out of bed in the morning. If I do, I will be grateful for more things!
-Index 1,000 documents. If I do, I get to find and book a trip to Ireland to find my family history.
-Run a Marathon. So, train for a fast 5k, then train for a 10K, then train for a marathon. If I do, I will be really proud of myself.
-Work on Spanish everyday. If I do, Drek and I are going to spend May 5th in Mexico, speaking with the locals
-Have enough money saved for a down payment on a house. If I do, we can put a down payment on a house (some of these rewards are really easy to come up with)

Side notes:
Travel more. You only live once.
I hate the cold. I hate it. Next winter, I will not be here. I am moving even if it kills me, and if it kills me at least I will be warm.

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