Saturday, January 03, 2009

2008 Review

On a personal level, 2008 meant progress. Drek Graduated with his Master's Degree, He got a job, he learned how to play the stock market and together we started investing in our retirement. We started saving money for a down payment on a house, we saved money for emergency funds. We got health insurance. And so forth.

Alas, all this is ridiculously boring. I understand that this year was necessary for the rest of our lives, and that certain things have to be done, but I feel that this year was just...working and doing nothing. Maybe because all the progress made this year was made by Drek. What did I do? I worked. A lot. Yeah.

I went on my very first business trip. I learned how to knit and completed three projects. I started running and did research so I can run a marathon. I got in a car accident. I learned Tao Bo. I bought a bed that I love. I planned and carried out two successful Saboteurs, played one more game and won! I ate and fell in love with sushi. I won a massage chair in a contest. I completed the Women's Challenge. I registered on facebook. I took a pregnancy test for the first time ever (Negative. Thank heavens. Calm down) I started writing a new novel. I touched and shot a gun for the first (and second) time. I completed the Book a Month Challenge. I expanded my cooking skills by leaps and bounds. I met my nephew, Toby, whom I adore. I planned and cancelled four vacations. I planned and actually went on two vacations. I drove on the freeways of California. I fell madly in love with my husband (again).

It should have gone something like this:
Went to Ireland. Went to Mexico and actually carried on a conversation in Spanish. Went sky diving. Went on a cruise and went Scuba diving. Ran a marathon and lost 500 pounds. Randomly earned a million dollars. I now own my own house and a skunk.

Sigh. Oh well. That's what 2009 is for.

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