Monday, December 01, 2008

November BAMC: Eat Pray Love

Ah, November. I wasn't supposed to be reading, I was supposed to be writing. I did a little of both. I only read one book this month: Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert.
November's word was giving, but, again, I only read one book so I'm making it count. Let's see. . . this book, is about . . . giving . . . back to yourself! And back to the world! And back to the universe! Wow. This book just screams giving!

It's a memoir. Liz Gilbert has just divorced her husband. Her life is in shambles, she has no identity, and is in a deep dark hole of depression and self-loathing. What does she do? She signs a book deal and spends four months in Italy learning Italian eating Italian food and being overall self indulgent. Up next is four months in India at Yoga retreat, eating only healthy vegetarian food, meditating, scrubbing Temple floors and learning self-control and self peace. To top it off she spends the next four months in Bali, Indonesia with a witch doctor, learning how to balance her life between self-indulgence and self-control and where she fits in the world.

This book will: 1) Give you a craving pizza 2) leave you wanting to meditate and do yoga 3) make you want to spend a grand vacation in Bali and 3) CHANGE YOUR LIFE

This book was amazing. I'm so glad Krisling recommended it to me. I loved this book! Not only was it hilariously funny, deep and philosophical, but my soul just loved to read it.

Liz finds out that the world is at her fingertips, waiting and wanting to giver her everything. After she discovers who she is and how to live, she can then give back to the world.

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