Monday, December 08, 2008

And God Bless What's His Face

Christmas presents, for my parents-in-law and my parents, are homemade calenders from Shutterfly. They were supposed to be easy projects. They were not. Still, it could have been worse.

The hardest part was gathering information from Drek's side of the family. Last year I did a calender for them, so the majority of the dates (By which I mean birthdays) were done. I just needed to know the birthdays of the two babies born this year.

The first one, little baby girl Sammy, was born in the summer. Her birth date was easy, not only because I remembered the date, but because her mother confirmed the date. Easy.

The second, little baby girl...uh, I don't know her name. Amari? Maybe? Her middle name is a mystery. It might be Nakayla. It might be Nekeely. No one is really sure. She was born the end of November. Drek and I were informed when her mother was in labor, but not informed when the child was actually born. Her parents don't like to answer phones, so they won't return our repeated request to come and visit them and our new niece. Nor will they answer what her name is or when she was born. Last night I was over at the family's house, and a cousin took out his iphone and shows me pictures of her. Apparently, she was born with six fingers on one hand. How does this information not get passed along? I then got to see a camera-phone video of her. She looks cute. At least, she looks cute on the tiny screen. I'm sure she's gorgeous in real life.

I finished my calenders today. The only thing missing was the name and birthday of grandchild #5. Alas, no luck. And I can't very well put "Six fingered child born sometime around this date". I don't think that would go over well.

Oh well. I am DONE!! She'll be in next year's calender.
This means I am done with all my Christmas shopping!!

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