Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Point Taken

We can't let Acouchi go outside. This is because there are stray cats wandering our neighborhood in hordes and we don't want her bringing home flees or viruses. Also, she is de-clawed, and can't defend herself. Also, I don't want her getting lost, hit by a car, or eaten by a dog. Also, it's freezing outside.

Acouchi does not understand this. She will stand by the door and whine and whine and whine for HOURS because there is a closed door, and she does not like closed doors. This got really annoying, really fast. Now, when Acouchi stands by the front door and whines to go outside, we shoot her with a water gun.

Today I was complaining to Drek about a website being slow, and he shot me with a watergun.

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