Monday, December 22, 2008

Ah, Insurance Salesman

On Saturday, a guy came into the store. He was young (late 20's) and dressed like he was trying to dress well. He told me he had just opened up his own insurance company. He wanted to look at massage chairs. I put him in a Zero Gravity chair and went on to explain to him what Zero Gravity was:
Zero Gravity is a position in which your muscles are not extended or retracted. All your muscles are completely relaxed. The higher up your feet are, the more pressure is taken off of your back. So, as you can feel, it's a very comfortable position because you sort of melt. It's also very healthy for you; you have improved circulation and improved oxygen.

He didn't really seem to get it (he didn't seem too bright) so I left him to enjoy the massage. When it finished, I came over to see how he liked it. He asked about the position again, saying he really didn't get it. So I said this:
Zero Gravity position is the position that astronauts sleep in when they are in space, when they sleep in zero gravity. It's the position the body naturally goes to because it puts the least amount of pressure on your body. You'll also notice that it's the position you sleep in on your side, again, this is because it is the position your body is most comfortable in.

He answered: So, Zero Gravity is a pillow between your legs?


What? Me: Um, zero gravity is this position, that you are in right now, but yes, when you sleep on your side it is good to put a pillow between your legs. That will help take pressure off of your lower back.

He didn't seem to get this. He thought for a second, then got that look in his eye. You know when you have found a catch, a question the will prove that the sale person or the witeness in a murder trial is lying. That's the look he got. This is the question he asked: "But I've never been in outer space. So how does my body know it should be relaxed in this position?" and then he sat back with a "gotcha" expression on his face.

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