Thursday, December 18, 2008

Qinghaosu: An anti-Malarial Substance Used in Chinese Medicine

It is snowing like crazy here. I do like snow, I just wish is wasn't so cold. Then snow would be delightful. I had my very first snowball fight of the year today. Drek hit me in the head with an ice ball. Xirax hit me in the face. I got Xirax back by distracting him while Alexis sneaked up on him and pelted him. I got Drek back by beating him at Alhambra. Bwahahaha.

A few weeks ago Krisling finally convinced me to join facebook. She only did this by bribing me with online Scrabble. So, I joined, and have been sucked in to the relm of facebook. Hey, did you know Jeremy is married? And Aaron hates Christmas?? Everyone is on facebook! It is amazing!! You know what else is amazing? That no one else is on facebook for the Scrabble. Not even Krisling, who has not played a word in nine days. I started searching for an open game. Alas, no one on facebook plays Scrabble. No one. There are no open games. I created one, but I am less than hopeful.

For some reason, I am going through a word-game phase. It started with Scrabble, but then I played Balderdash and my obsession exploded. I am now looking up random words all over the place, This might be an attempt to beat Drek and his sister, Anna, at a word game. These two are word fiends. At any given time, they can rattle off lists of English words with Q's that do not require U's. But I am getting closer...

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