Friday, December 26, 2008

Acouchi's Christmas

Acouchi had a great Christmas. Her stocking was stuffed full of treats from Santa Paws, and once Drek and I actually got home, she was given a lot of attention.

This is her looking over her loot:
Lots of yummy canned food, bacon treats (her favorite, even though they are supposed to be dog treats) a container of catnip, a laser pointer (the one from last year was lost) and, the best toy of all; Matthew gave Acouchi a remote controlled catnip mouse. We named the mouse crackers.
Notice that once we opened the can of yummy chicken and shrimp cat food, she dived right in and would not stop eating, even to get her picture taken.

I keep trying to get a video of Acouchi playing with Crackers, but she will not cooperate. I will keep trying.

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