Saturday, February 26, 2011

With Water the Temperature of Lava, One Side to be White Hot Heat for Scarring, the Weight to Cause Blunt Force Trauma...

When Drek went to school, and later, when he worked from home, he lived in shorts and T-shirts from DI. Now that he has a "grown-up" job with an office and everything, we made an effort to go to a store and buy new dress pants, button-up shirts, and belts. He wears these new clothes to work and he looks good. Really good. My husband is amazingly good-looking. Those clothing companies should pay him to wear their clothes, he looks so good.

The only drawback is now that he has nice clothes, we're supposed to keep them nice. That involves sorting laundry, reading tags and (gulp) ironing.

I have ironed before. I iron creases when I sew and for a while I ironed a boyfriend's BDU's. But I've never really learned how to iron.

A friend let us borrow their ironing board and iron and I set about watching YouTube ironing instructionals. I was kind of having fun with it. It made me feel all wife-y. As I was ironing I thought to myself "And my husband will know I love because his clothes are all nice and wrinkle-free. And everyone who seems him looking so nice will know he has a wife who loves him." And I was happy to be learning a new skill and taking care of my husband.

After a few pairs of pants, I switched to shirts. At this point, I made the mistake of reading the comments. I HATE online comments. Especially Youtube comments. People are so, so stupid. Anyway, the very first comment I read was "That women knows her place." (referring to the women in the ironing instructional) Suddenly, my attitude changed. I thought to myself: "What am I doing? My lazy husband can iron his OWN freaking clothes. How dare he take advantage of me like this! I should NOT be learning how to iron, I should be learning how to dismantle a nuclear warhead. How DARE my husband force me to iron. He makes me do EVERYTHING for him! I'm amazed he even gets himself dressed in the morning. Stupid men, always taking advantage of us women. Stupid, lazy, good-for-nothing men."

You see why I hate comments?

It took me a good three hours to calm down. My poor husband.

But I learned how to iron! I am ironing again today. I think I like it. I will continue to iron my husband's clothes to show my love for him. Just don't make any snide comments or I might iron your face.


  1. I actually love ironing! There is something so satisfying about getting rid of a wrinkle. =)

    But, I do hate that I have to wear "grown-up" clothes now because they are so much more expensive, plus a lot of them say they need to be dry cleaned!

  2. Anonymous1:15 PM

    Stupid Youtube! It would be one thing if you were ironing for him because he expected it of you, it is another to do it because it is a nice thing to do.

  3. Ironing can be very soothing and satisfying. I am glad for steam irons; my mother used to have to sprinkle all her clothes before ironing. If she couldn't iron them right away she would roll them up in a basket so they didn't dry out. They had to be ironed by the next day or they would get mildew.

    At least once we found our busy mother had stuck a batch of clothes into the freezer!

  4. I like ironing right up until day 24. Then I buy good looking polyester and stretch fabrics because they still look good but don't wrinkle. I also got better at timing driers so that I would pull clothing out immediately and hang them--avoiding most wrinkles. That, btw, is what the Mum does, as she hates ironing.

    So, that doctor knows her place: kicking the crap out of the system.

    Ironing is fun. Ironing well is a great skill.


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