Sunday, February 06, 2011

It's Like He's Doing His Crazy Boot Stomp Dance Every Night.

I've been renting my housing for a while now.

I've rented a room in the dorms. I've rented a room shared by five other girls, one of which was a crazy, OCD, psychopath. I've rented an apartment with no heat and holes in the walls that let the sun shine through and holes in the porch that threatened to capture you every time I left for work.

When Drek and I were first married we lived in a tiny apartment with no water pressure and a broken bathroom sink. It had no parking and you could easily hear the neighbor's conversation. It was actually a great place to live: waking up every morning to the sound a the next-door rooster, super-cheap rent. I'm grateful we lived there, but also grateful we moved.

We moved to the next town over, where we rented a delightful townhouse that had no yard, and a horrible heating/cooling system. It was too expensive, too big, and looking back, we really shouldn't have bought a washer and dryer, but I'm so grateful we lived there. We had awesome neighbors, lots of space and that is where my LO was born.

Next is was off to Burgville, where we rented what I now refer to as our "luxary apartment." Three bedrooms , two bathrooms, a garage, and by far the largest place we've lived. The basement neighbors were the best neighbors ever and it was heated by radient flooring, which is pure genius if you ask me. We didn't live there long, and the landlords were dirty rotten crooks, but I loved living there.

We currently live in our smallest apartment ever, square footage wise. It's also the most expensive, rent-wise. It's two bedrooms and two bathrooms with the smallest kitchen I've ever seen, let alone used. It's infested with ants, has no lights and no functioning electrical outlets. There aren't washer and dryer hookups, the sun can't find it's way inside, our house shakes when our neighbor watches a movie with surround-sound, and the upstairs neighbors are boot-stomping screamers with a dog that won't shut-up. And yet, the location is unbeatable. It's next door to a park, around the corner form a grocery store and the plants smell so good that whenever you walk down the sidewalk you think the air itself is perfumed. We have access to a grill, a swimming pool and a hot tub, our ward is awesome, landlords know us by name, are in love with Ash and are always friendly and helpful. I'm grateful we live here.

And yet, I am hoping for a bit more. I would like to stop renting. I would like to own. It's time to move into our very own house.

After six months of looking, I've found it: our perfect home. I'm not sure we can get it, but I want it.

I've never owned a house before. Any tips? Does anyone have any home buying/home owning advice?


  1. Getting a new house is so exciting and a little stressful. Just make sure you can afford it first and have INSURANCE! I can explain how grateful I was for our insurance when our house flooded. Good luck cous!

  2. Your life must be one awesome adventure.

  3. Yeah, don't overbuy. Be prepared for extra maintenance expenses because there won't be a landlord to provide it. Keep in mind Pres. Hinckley's advice about buying a modest home.

    On the plus side, prices are low right now, though may go lower before they go up again.

    Make the seller pay the closing costs out of the price of the house if at all possible. Not jacking up the price, but negotiate a low price and ask for closing costs. A good realtor can take care of all that for you.

    Now for the positives: Congrats if you can do it!

    As for your ants, Joseph found that putting "jungle juice" bug repellent around their entrance stops them. If you don't like that, you can put out corn meal or corn starch if they're sugar ants, and it kills them slowly but eventually. There's also a peppermint based spray available at Home Depot.

    I can't do much about the dog but at least you are in Sunland where you can get outdoors regularly!

    Love you! Happy HouseHunting!

  4. Christi: Insurance! Okay! I can do that. Lynn: We do have a good realtor, and he did do a good job of getting us a low price without paying closing costs, so that's good!
    Also, Krisling: I can't publish your comment because you didn't say Sunland. :)

  5. My advice is only buy if you want to stay for at least five years. Having bought a home in Northern Sunland, I know how overpriced everything is but I also LOVED it there. Then we decided we wanted out of the Sunland rat-race and to have a couple more children. We were able to sell our house for a (little) profit, but I'm not sure the stomach pains and headaches were worth it….
    Do what is right for you after prayerful (and budget) considerations.
    Good luck!


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