Sunday, February 27, 2011

Don't Worry About It. We Use Recyclable Clothes Now. Wear Them Once, Then Eat Them

As promised, more information about my church calling:

First off, as I have mentioned before, I love my calling. I am the ward bulletin coordinator, which means I make those paper programs. Before I was called, I remember looking at the ward program every week, seeing the full page folded in half, and trying to calculate how many trees died so we would all know who was speaking. Needless to say, I was excited when they gave me my knew calling, and right away I asked if I could make a few changes, starting with shrinking the program down to half a page.

"As long as you can get all the information on there and the font is still big enough that the elderly in the ward can read it, you're good." was the response.

So, I put the schedule on one side, the announcements on the other, and left out the directory (hello, it's online now!) and the cute little picture. Alas, I was told that the directory HAD to be included every week. After a few weeks of struggling with this, I came upon a very old program from a BYU student ward. It was amazing. It was a quarter page, with one side having a nice picture, and to the side of the picture a simple schedule. I mean simple as in, instead of this across the whole page:

YOUTH SPEAKER...................................................John Smith
CLOSING PRAYER..................................................Jane Smith

It had this:

Speaker: John Smith
Prayer: Jane Smith

indented to the right. It was simple and beautiful. I loved it. The next week I adopted it. Not the quarter page, ours is still half a page, but all the info is there, it looks awesome, and the bishopric approves! Hooray!

My next task was to collect a few buckets from grocery store bakeries, label them as recycle bins, and post them outside the doors every week. I started this three weeks ago and this last week I got some real results! I'm so excited! I feel like I'm making a difference! I love my calling!


  1. You're amazing Kayla! I love how you find little ways to make a difference. Maybe you can put one of your buckets in the library too0 I bet they have tons of paper they could recycle.

  2. You need to link to this on MMB and share the word.

    on Saturday they do a post of the week and you can post a link to this post and at least a few people will read it.

  3. As a matter of fact, Charity, I did put a third one in the library! Great minds think alike!

  4. I remember looking at those pages and those buckets and being really impressed. And also wondering why they don't just have big posters or projector screens that display the program at the beginning and just after sacrament, or something. Totally paper free.

    The smart phone app is also an intriguing idea. It would cut down paper usage by a LOT.

    I think my own ward could use some paper usage trimming. Hmm. Bares thought.


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