Friday, February 11, 2011

I Told the Elephants to Forget It, But They Can't. The Cheetahs are Hard Up, But I Always Say, Cheetahs Never Prosper

Yesterday we went on a walk. When it came time to cross the street we had to wait, not for cars, but for this:

Okay, okay. So the walk was in a zoo, not just out in the town, but still, that is so cool!!


  1. Imaging having a guard cheetah in place of a guard dog :)

    That is pretty incredible, I didn't realize that wild jungle cats could be domesticated, how far is the zoo from your base? Did you see penguins?

  2. And to think, Ive actually pet one of these. Pet, as it purred, with a full belly. A cheetah purring. Incredible.
    You are so lucky to have seen this. Awesome!

  3. I think having a guard Cheetah would be awesome. We also got to see a little baby cheetah, so now I really want a baby one. I could raise it to be my guard!

    You should come visit and find out.

    I have yet to see penguins!! I want to see them!! I'll have to seek them out next time.


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