Thursday, February 03, 2011

Green-Blooded Hobgoblin

I love my CSA box. I love it because it's organic, local, and fresh. I love it because the fruit, vegetables and herbs taste better and are more nutritious than store produce. But here is the big reason I love my CSA box:

Last week in our box we got a bag full or oranges. Three or four small ones and three or four big ones. I put them in the fridge and forgot about them. This week we got another bag full or oranges, so I decided that since we had so many, we should have fresh squeezed orange juice for breakfast. I got out my juicer, sliced the big oranges in half, and then cut into a smaller orange. This is what I saw:
I paused. Is it a grapefruit? I tasted it. No, it's very much an orange. This must be a blood orange! I have heard of them, but never seen one. And now I have around eight blood oranges sitting on my counter. So for breakfast we had juice that was half orange, half blood orange. Today we had the same thing. It tasted AMAZING. I'm sure a lot of that is due to the fact that it was fresh squeezed and organic, but I'm also blaming it on the blood oranges. They taste sweeter. Also, they look really cool. I think I want to plant a blood orange tree now.
See? Without my CSA box, I never would have known how much I love blood oranges. So great.


  1. CSA boxes are fun! That's how I learned how to cook a whole artichoke! =)

  2. We've been getting mandarins and navel oranges. For the last 4 weeks we've received 5pounds of oranges in our box and somehow managed to eat all 20 pounds. I'm jealous of your blood oranges!

  3. I've never even seen a blood orange.

    You know what else is good? Mix the juice of one grapefruit in with the juice of several oranges. It's not a bit like the grapefruit orange stuff that comes in cans or plastic bottles. It's just yummy!

    If your OJ is not sweet enough, a spoonful of sugar or a few drops of stevia can make all the difference.


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