Friday, August 20, 2010

Wherever We Want To Go, We'll Go...What a Ship Is...What the Black Pearl Really Is...Is Freedom

I am not an impulsive spender. I hate spending money. If it's junk and free, I will take it in a second, but if it has value and costs money, I'll think about it, research it, decide if I can live without it, and then, more often than not, save my money.

As you can imagine, this is a great way to miss good sales. If I ever decide it is worth the money and I can't live without it, the sale is over. Alas, by this time I've done so much research that I've decided I REALLY NEED this product, so I end up paying the higher price. I hate when that happens. That happened with high chairs just last week. I ended up paying $18 instead of $9.99. Nothing gets under my skin like that.

Anyway, a few days ago I became aware of Jet Blue's second ever "All You Can Jet" special, which meant for $500 you could buy a golden ticket to fly anywhere, anytime, on a Jet Blue jet in the month of September.

As soon as I heard about this, it dominated my thoughts. Every few seconds I would think about it again, asking myself: "Can I do this? Is it worth the money? Do I have the time? Is it worth the effort?"

I talked to Drek; he told me to go for it. My goodness, I love that man. But just because he likes to spoil me, doesn't mean we could afford it, we are trying to save up for a house, after all. So I thought about it some more. After much consideration, I talked to a friend, who told me is probably wasn't worth taking a one-year-old on an airplane over and over again. I thought about this, and decided that actually, Ash loved the airplane, and everyone on the airplane loved her. We would be traveling a lot, but with her on my lap, with me giving her all my attention. Actually, I thought, this would be a great experience for both of us.

I decided to do it. I got online, got to the part where I have to pay for it and called my mother to tell her to cancel her trip out here because I was coming to her.

She brought up a good point; if I came to her, Drek wouldn't be there for Ash's first birthday. Oh. Right. Huh.

So I logged off, slept on it, and thought about it all day the next day. I decided that I would just be home for that week, which would take a week out of traveling. Was it worth it then? I called Krisling and told her if she did it, I would do it, hoping she would say yes and in a burst of impulsiveness we would both take the risk and just spend the money. Alas, she gave the appropriate grown-up responsible answer; "I want to, but I have to make sure I can."

So I waited, wondering once again, if I could. And then, I decided: YES! I CAN! I WILL! I found my credit card, logged on and...

They are sold out. Three days after the sale stared, they are all gone.

Curse me and my stupid, overly-cautious, frugal self. Even if they have the sale next year, Ash will be too old to get on the plane for free. I have missed out on this once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Lesson learned; Be more impulsive.

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