Friday, August 06, 2010

I Could No Sooner Choose a Favorite Star in the Heavens

Libraries, oh how I love you.

So, I admit, I cheated, just a little. When we moved to SunLand I couldn't send myself a postcard because we had no address since we didn't know where we were going to live. For that same reason, we forwarded our mail to Drek's work address. When we finally found an apartment and got an address, it was in the city next to the city where Drek works.

I wanted to go to the library, but I didn't have any mail with my name on it addressed to our apartment. I did have mail with my name on it addressed to Drek's work. So I went to that city's library and got a library card. Right away, I was VERY impressed with that library: The children's section was huge, they had hundreds of Spanish books, hundreds of books on CD, and the librarians were all really helpful and oohed and awed over my two babies.

A few days ago I FINALLY got mail with my name on it addressed to our apartment, so I went in to our city's library and got a card. Right away I was very un-impressed. It was small, the catalog was very messed up (The book The Help was too difficult for it to find because it had the word "the" in it. Sad) and the librarians were very grumpy. So grumpy, I would dare to call them mean.

When I got home, I looked up our city's online website and found a few reviews. Every single review mentions how not un-helpful, snappy, or rude the librarians are. Wow. Talk about a customer service problem.

But then I looked up the other Library and found that it has a wonderful catalog. I input my "to-read" list and out of twenty nine books, this library has all but two. That is amazing. I am in love with this library. And since it's only a few blocks away from Drek's work, I think I will visit it often. In fact, I think I will go there today, since four of the books I put on hold are already available for me to pick up.

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