Saturday, August 14, 2010

Let's Just Go Straight to Exhibit F - the Kidnapper's Vehicle Was Seen Fleeing in This Direction. Hey, How do you Spell F-B-I?

Drek on and I got out our new driver's licences in the mail yesterday. I have to admit, I really didn't think they would ever arrive. I was sure there would be another computer failure. Seriously, three trips to the DMV to get a driver's licence? And every time we went a different computer system was down statewide? That has to be some sort of record. Still no car title, though. I am less than hopeful on that front.

Yesterday we decided to celebrate our new driver's licences by driving up to the the big city. Drek's parents had flown in to attend a few classes and were leaving today, so we drove the two hours up there to have dinner with them. Actually, it wasn't to celebrate the driver's licences. It was to to give them Jo so they could take him back to Hometown so he could see his parents. After having him for two months and two days, I was sent a mass email last week that in a single sentence announced Drek's parent's would pick him up and take him back to hometown. That was it. I have no idea when, if ever, we'll get him back. And that was that. I am not happy about giving him up. There was serious thought given to driving to Mexico instead, where we could buy a house and live happily ever after as fugitive kidnappers. Drek said no.

Drek's parent's got us a hotel for the night. The two babies and Drek and I stayed up until midnight, watching TV and cuddling. The babies slept great that night. We had a delicious breakfast in the morning and then Drek's parents took Jo to the airport. I bought chocolate to drown my sorrows. It's not working.

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