Thursday, June 19, 2008

Social Day

Yesterday I had a long talk with my mom, visited my sister and my niece, ate lunch with Stephi and Megan and hung out with Kris for most of the evening. I had a great time at all. H

Hanging out with Kris was a blast. We watched The Mole (I scared poor Toby into tears when I shouted for joy at one point during the show. PS: Clay is the mole). the she made me a delicious vegetarian dinner, followed by a trip to IKEA, which was AMAZING!!!!!! While there, I thought of Val (who is fluent in Swedish), and texted her. Kris and I then talked about Val, and I realized they would probably get along. I think a trip to the Castle Of Chaos Murder Mystery is needed to test this theory.
Anyway, Kris is amazing. She is a great mom, and is doing so well. She is not only someone I have a blast hanging out with, but someone I can also look up to.

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