Friday, June 27, 2008


My Husband now has a Grown-Up job. It has a salary, it has benefits. It is for Grown-ups only.
He is amazing!! He can work from home except on Mondays, when he has to drive 40 minutes to work. Using Grown-Up words, he telecommutes through out the week, and the has a 40 minute commute to the city on Mondays. He's doing PHP programming for a company that is planning on selling out in two or three years. When this happens, Drek and I will take our portion on the money (he gets equity in the company) and use it as a down payment on a house. Yes, a HOUSE. As in: what Grown-Ups live in.

He is 26. I am 22. So are we officially Grown-Ups now? Or does that not come until you have a baby and a mortgage and do not have marshmallow wars at 10:00 at night in a park with random friends and three strangers whom wanted to join in?

Sigh. For now, We will still live in our tiny, one-room apartment with crazy neighbors. I will work full-time, so will Drek. We will still play Human Tetris, try and figure out how to simulate a The Mole game, and try to shirk all non essential responsibilities. Today, for instance, I quit my church calling (because being a visiting teaching supervisor SUCKS!!!!!!!!). We will have fun, and love each other. We will try to save all our monies to buy a house.

My secret plan is in two years, the housing market will crash, and we will be able to buy our dream house for $10. I think I can save that much in that time...

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