Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Four Young Wedded Couples and a Funeral

The trip to Wyoming:
Interspersed with humor to keep the funeral part from being too sad.

We drove in "The Green Car". Three and a half people in back (Anona is eight months pregnant), a driver, a passenger, and me in the middle squished with no leg room up front. We are caravaning with "The Last Car" (occupied by two adults and thee children under four) and The Van (occupied by one adult, one teenager, and Grandma. Yes, that's right, a dead body. The coffin was surrounded by dry ice, covered in sleeping bags, and the van had to be kept under 40 degrees. oh, and van was hauling a trailer behind it.) We went at least 5 miles below the speed limit. We stopped at what seemed like every possible place to stop.
In Heber, the van driver calls The Green Car passenger, and informs her he left the "Coffin Saddle" at home. Apparently, this is a device that allows flowers to be placed on top of the coffin; It is a necessity. We pull over (Van leading, followed by The Green Car, followed by The Last Car) and the two run into the nearest building to ask for directions to a floral shop. The nearest building happens to be an H&R Block. The passenger of the Last Car comes up to my car and asks "did they have a pressing need to do their taxes? quite confused as to why we had stopped.
At this point, I am DYING!! And am about to text Krisface about his Hell that is a road trip. I open my phone and find I have a text message from my mom, which reads: I am in the Sacred Grove!!
I giggle ferociously as the opportunity seems so perfect: I am in Hell!!
The journey continues, and is not that bad. The trip takes about ten hours. The two mot notable stops were at Little America (which was very nice!) and in a town in Wyoming where the tomatoes had been pulled from McDonald's (because if the Great Tomato Salmonella Scare of '08), resulting in no ketchup packets. In the same town, the so-called "Sandwich Artist" at Subway did not know what bell peppers were, or what "the works" meant. Sad.
The view from the car all along the drive was nothing great, however, this part was more exciting than the rest:

We make it to our destination! Drek shows me the farm. I love it immediately. It is so awesome!! The young married couples are staying at a very gracious ward member's house. Thank Goodness!
I go to the church to arrange flowers with Drek's mom and sisters. We have a wonderful time.
The next morning we attend the funeral. It was so so so well done. All he children got to share a memory, and a lot of the grandchildren showcased their musical talent. This is also where I learned that Grandma had two great-grandchildren on the way. (Two? I only know of one. "Who is pregnant?" a cousin asks me. I have no idea an am looking around. The question is passed on a few times before Drek casually says: "What? Oh. It's Vi."
I die. For reasons I shall not go in to, this is not good news. And why am I finding out now? My dear husband has obviously known this for a few days.
Next was the burial. I was cold. Drek took a picture:
And then the luncheon (which had no less than five dishes containing Jello). It was then time to take family pictures. This can only be described with an LOL:

After pictures Drek and I went home. The ride back contained two and a half adults in the back seat, and Drek and I up front, with no caravan. The trip took eight hours.

Trip: Successful!!

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