Friday, October 26, 2007

My husband is Amazing.

The other day Drek decided it was "I love Child Day". He brought me a bouquet of flowers and took me shopping for chocolate. We decided to be daring and try a Lindt white-chocolate coconut.




The stuff was amazing. Possibly, the best merge of chocolate and coconut ever. Delicious.

Yesterday I stayed late at work. When I got off I was tired and cranky. Drek decided that we needed to to restaurant. He finally got out of me what I was craving and we went to this delicious Mexican restaurant. While there, I decided it was much too cold, so when we ordered we got boxes. We took our food and went to blockbuster, where Drek rented the first two discs of 24 season one. I had been wanting to get into a new series that I could watch all at once. we took our DVDs and yummy food home, curled up in bed and stayed up late snuggling, drinking Mexican Hot chocolate and debating if the show was pro-Republican or Democrat.

And that is why my husband is amazing.

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