Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Do they dress like the Amish?

Today we had the rep. from Inada (THE massage chair company, as in, the company who invented the massage chair, and who still leads the massage chair industry) come and visit our store. He was there to teach us all about his chairs, why they are so great, and how to sell them. He was a fairly young guy, maybe late twenties, Caucasian, smartly dressed, and seemingly very intelligent. This guy makes a has been visiting all the stores across America and teaching the sales people how to sell an Inada chair. He flew in that morning and was scheduled to fly out that afternoon.

He brought us all Krispy Kreame dounuts and was very quick-witted. He made the early morning meeting quite endurable. After his presentation, he was talking to us about how well the chairs sell in our store. A co-worker of mine was explaining the region statistics. He was saying that even though the chairs sell like crazy in California, it is rare to sell one here. He explained that in this region, the population is very frugal. They have large families and $7,000 is more than they spend on a car. Here, he explained, in the LDS community...this is where the rep. interrupted.

"The what?"


"LDS? uh..."

"Mormon." I interjected.

"This is a Mormon community." My co-worker explained.

"Here?" The rep exclaimed, surprised. He glanced around quickly. I think he was hoping to catch a glimpse of the much fabled "Mormons."

I had to giggle to myself. With the Missionary Mall right next door, Deseret Book behind us, boarded by Dressed in White, The Distribution Center and the Sister Missionary Mall, I think he just might be able to sight a Mormon.

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