Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Day Off to-do-List

My day off my job is not my day off from work. I find I am more exhausted on my day off, then any other day. For today:
  • Ridiculous mound of laundry
  • Go into work and move both massive and heavy boxes
  • Massage little girl in neighborhood
  • Massage Drek's visiting Grandma
  • Go Picture Frame shopping
  • Paint shelves

The painting of the shelves was my first project. They needed to be painted because, as newlyweds, we had no furniture, so we used hand-me-down bookshelves from my mother. My mother bought the shelves at a yard sale, some ten years ago, and I think they has been handed down before that. I think this because through the chips in the paint you can see that the shelves were originally painted white, then yellow, then red, and finally, cream. The shelves were dirty, chipped, and in desperate need of shaping up. Before I started they looked like this:

After hauling the books off, carrying the shelves outside, and painting them with two coats of paint, the front yard looked like this:

I then hauled them back inside restocked them, and now they look like this:

Hooray!! And then the rest of my day began. I am now very tired, but our shelves look so good.

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