Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Halloween Events

Monday night was dedicated to a Halloween party for siblings. This came about when I discovered the Drek's younger siblings had not ever seen Nightmare Before Christmas (gasp). So I planned a a Halloween party. Some dressed up, all painted pumpkins, and we ate yummy spaghetti brains and fruit punch blood from skull goblets.

Drek made the most delicious Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies that I have ever tasted. Oh!!! They were so good. It was around that time I discovered I had no way to play the movie. Rissy came to my rescue. We carted all the children over to her house, where we watched the movie on her way cool plasma screen. It was quite a good party.

As a side note, today I got home from visiting teaching to find that my husband had cooked dinner. This was not the only shocking thing, he informed me that his mother had called a few minutes ago, to tell him that his younger brother was getting married in a few minutes, up at the house, and we could come if we wanted. So, up we went. Mostly to return left-behind costumes and pumpkins, but also to show support to Drek's parents.

If you didn't care about getting married, but you were going to get married just so you could get some more help from your parents (who do not approve of you living with your girlfriend) why would you get married on October 30? Why not wait one day and get married on Halloween? That would be so much cooler.

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