Thursday, October 25, 2007

Babies a go-go

My cousin's baby finally arrived. It was named Ryan Alexander. Ryan, for who knows why, and Alexander, because it is a family name.

Kratizling discovered that their expected baby is a boy. They are thinking of naming it Alexander Van. Alexander because it starts with "A" (and will go well with a girl's name when they have a girl) and Van because it is a family name.

I found out that my friend and his wife are expecting a baby. It is due in April. They want it to be a boy. They want to name it Alexander. Just Alexander, no middle name. I do not know why.

Drek and I went to the temple to do sealings. While waiting,a young couple came and sat next to us. The girl was obviously pregnant, and the fleeting thought came to mind "They would fit right in to our ward, being young and pregnant." A few minutes later the boy leaned over to Drek and whispered: "Hey, aren't you guys in our ward?" and, indeed, after further discusion, we discovered we were.

I'll bet they are naming their baby Alexander.

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