Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Uh Oh. Two Independent Thought Alarms in One Day. The Students are Overstimulated. Willie! Remove All the Colored Chalk From the Classrooms

The first time I walked through this house I found a small mystery in the laundry room.  Besides the scary carpet, broken desk, the hole in the ceiling and the trash that had been left behind, part of the wall had been boarded up. Looking behind the boards we found exposed pipes for a washing machine. Why had they covered this up? Was the piping illegal? Were they afraid it would explode? Was it a secret door to another dimension? Some questions never got answers. 

After a bad paint job, where they painted around the boards before they removed the boards, we finally took possession of the house and moved in. This was in the laundry room: 

I took that board, turned it upside down, removed the rusty nails and drug it outside: 

I washed it off and then painted it with a base coat:

And then I painted one side with chalkboard paint:

After fixing up the laundry room, I moved the board back in: 

and added some chalk! 

Ash loves it! She spent ten whole minutes today enthralled in her art. It was an easy project for me, and since the base paint (half a can found in the back of our new garage), chalkboard paint (Mandy let me use her leftovers), and chalk (after my last post I had two people give me their unwanted chalk!)  was all free, this project only took time, not money. Plus the scary board got transformed into something useful instead of ending up in a landfill! Those are the best kind of projects.


  1. Chalkboard paint! There is such a thing? I'm going to have to make one for my girls too!

  2. You are amazing. Your daughter will learn well from you.

  3. I know! I was surprised there was such a thing, too! Look at Lowes, or Home Depot.


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