Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Because a Cat's the Only Cat Who Knows Where It's At

I'm a cat person. It's not that I don't like dogs; I do, I think dogs are great and I love to play with them, but there is something about a cat that is mesmerizing. I love how they walk, I love how they purr, I love their eyes and their claws; I just love cats. Especially big cats.

That made our trip to the zoo yesterday even more exciting: we were finally going to go see the big cats:

I'm glad the camera was pointed at the Jaguar, because I wasn't looking. I was transfixed on this amazing animal four feet away from my face. It actually stopped and looked me in the eyes. It was amazing. 

Right after the leopard, we we spotted a squirrel up in a tree. The squirrel isn't an exhibit at the zoo, but it was fun to see him anyway: 

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