Thursday, October 14, 2010

While the Moon Drifts in the Skies. Stay Awake, Don't Close Your Eyes

With Drek away on a business trip, our daily schedule becomes very...loose. An hour after her normal bedtime I finally have Ash in her jammies and ready for bed. We crawl under the covers. Acouchi nestles up by our heads and closes her eyes. I sing Ash a lullaby and close my eyes to set an example.

Ash gets her foot tangles in my hair and starts kicking. I reach out and tickle her under arms, making her giggle. Her giggle makes me giggle. She realizes she made me giggle so she starts fake-laughing, and before you know it we're in a silly-noise-contest which turns into an all-out tickle-fight. Acouchi places her paw on my nose and gives me a look that clearly states: "Now, now. Calm down, children. It's bed time."

At least one of us a responsible adult.

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