Sunday, October 24, 2010

Let the Halloween begin!!

Friday we attended a Murder Mystery party. It rocked. It was 1940's Paris and the food menu was quite authentic. Everyone was dressed up in great costumes and surprisingly, the kids were fantastic. Drek was a very handsome British Spy, and I was a gossipy dressmaker. Drek and I had a wonderful time.

Saturday we went to a Halloween party! The decorations were wonderful and look at all this food:

Pumpkin cupcakes, white bean chili, chips, cheese, vegetables, crackers, apple slices with homemade Carmel sauce...delicious!
I was in charge of a drink:
And also the spaghetti:
Okay, so the spaghetti wasn't for eating, it was for a game. We filled a huge bucket/tub full of spaghetti and little plastic bugs. The kids dug through the "worms" and any plastic bugs they found, they got to keep. The game was a hit. The older kids loved looking for the bugs and the younger kids loved the spaghetti.

There were also some grown-up games. Everyone got candy corn to bet on three donut-competitors. Whoever had the most candy corn at the end, won! The donut contests were very entertaining:
It was so much fun. It was a wonderful party. We still have two Halloween parties to go before the 31st! Best month ever!

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