Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Halloween Tale

Once upon a time there was a Robot Technician named Dr. Pygmalion.

He worked hard every day building robots.

He worked so hard, he never had time for anything else. This made Dr. Pygmalion very lonely.

One day, Dr. Pygmalion had an idea! He would build new robots and program them to be his family! Then he wouldn't be lonely anymore!

Dr. Pygmalion went to work right away.

He worked hard until he had all the pieces ready to assemble. He created Robot Wife-a through Wife-h, none of them worked!

Finally, he made an Wife-i

She was perfect!

So he brought her to life!

She moved, She cooked, She cleaned, she told jokes, she could throw a frisbee and liked to play board games.

Dr. Pygmalion and Wife-i fell in love

Soon, Dr. Pygmalion started on his next creation.

He assembled all the pieces...

And finally created Tot Bot!

At last Dr. Pygmalion had a perfect robot family. And they lived happily ever after.

The end.

The Tot Bot costume is made with an iphone showing this website:

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