Tuesday, October 12, 2010

That's No Moon. It's a Space Station

Ah! October! I love October! I think I love October because it houses one of the only 100% obligation and guilt free holidays. Halloween is totally optional. Want to spend it with your family? Great! Want to spend it alone at a massive party? Great! Want to throw a party? Great! Want to sleep through it? Great! No obligation to anyone, no vital traditions, no day of reflection. It's just fun. I love that.

How much do I love it? A few weeks ago I attended a Relief Society Activity. Since I've only been in the ward two months, I didn't know a lot of the women. I was talking about Halloween with someone and this women said "Oh, yeah. Your husband said Halloween was your favorite Holiday." I looked at her and blinked. "Um. Yes. It is. So...Who are you?" I had never met her. It turns out Drek Home Teaches her family, and the subject came up for some reason. Odd.

I've already started on our costumes. The idea is good, now it all comes down to design... Of course, as all great Halloween costumes should be, it's a surprise. I'll unveil it when it's done.

I'm on the Ward Activity's Committee and we're planning a Ward Halloween party that I am thrilled to be a (small) part of. Better Yet, Mandy is also throwing a Halloween Party and let me plan some of the games. Sqee! I can't wait for that party.

This Halloween will be have another activity. Are you ready for this awesomeness? Krisling and I are meeting in DISNEYLAND!! In OCTOBER!!!! Do you know what that means? Well, besides a day of crazy fun filled rides and such. It means the Haunted Mansion will be turned into Halloween Town!!!! I'm so excited!!!!! (As I'm sure you could tell from the over-use of the exclamation mark)

Yesterday Ash and I went shopping for pumpkins. For Family Home Evening last night we painted them. I think they turned out great:

Ash's first pumpkin!!
My creation. I call it "Pharaoh Pumpkinahmen."
And finally, the one you are excited to see, Drek's creation:

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