Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Let Me Explain; No, There Is Too Much. Let Me Summarize

Sunday I went to pick up Krisling. There was doom. We partied on Monday. Tuesday we woke up very, very early in the morning. So early, it was still very dark outside. Okay, now that you're all caught up, lets move to the story:

I got dressed in the dark. Drek was sleeping (or trying to sleep) on the bed. I walked out of the bathroom, came around the corner and WHAM!!!!! Ran into a wall. Apparently I cut the corner a little too sharp. It's okay though: my forehead took all the force. How much force? Well, the walls shook, it echoed through the house, and Drek shot out of bed, thinking a bomb had just exploded. Yeah. I had a good sized goose egg all day. Krisling said I looked like a Klingon.

But, we got ready, jumped in the car, and drove a long way to pick up Ali. Then we drove even farther to DISNEYLAND!!!
If you'll remember, at the beginning of the year, Disney did their "Give a Day, Get a Day" thing, which Krisling and I signed up for and completed. We volunteered at the Aquarium, and in return, got free tickets to Disneyland! So today was the day we redeemed those tickets. Hooray!

Here is a tip: If you don't like waiting in long lines, you should go to Disneyland on a Tuesday morning in October, on the same day they are having Micky Mouse's Halloween Party which is a thing they do after six at night. Everyone who is going to Disneyland that day (which is not a lot, since it's a Tuesday in October) wants to go to the party, so they go in the afternoon, not the morning. All morning the lines were five minutes or less. By the end of the day, we had to wait forty minutes for Space Mountain, Ghost Galaxy! which is the normal wait time.

The lines were so short, that by noon we looked around and realized we were done. We had ridden all the essential rides. We stopped for lunch looked at each other and shrugged "Now what?" That is the way to DisneyLand.

We had a wonderful time. Disneyland was decorated for October,
the Haunted Mansion was completely redecorated with Nightmare Before Christmas,
Krisling found a pet Praying Mantis.
We got stuck in an elevator, we watched the Jedi Academy,
we saw the new Tangled attraction, we took pictures of people in awesome Halloween costumes,

and I got to ride on a lot of rides I have never been on before. I also changed my mind about my favorite ride. Before it was Splash Mountain, now it is Space Mountain. Or maybe Big Thunder Railroad. But not Splash Mountain. For one thing: I was too concerned about not getting wet to enjoy it. For another thing, I have never seen Song of the South, so I have no idea what all that animatronic stuff is referencing. All day I tried to figure out how a movie could get banned in the United States, with Freedom of Speech and all. Well the answer is: It's not banned, Disney has simply chosen to never release the full movie on video, ever. So why would you build a whole ride around it? It just doesn't make sense. They should really rename the ride. I recommend turning it into "Kuzco-topia" a log flume ride in which you go through Kuzco's palace, through Pacha's village, and, in the end, down a waterfall with sharp rocks at the bottom. Everyone would love that ride.

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