Monday, April 10, 2006

Today was amazing. Best day ever!!

I got up early and ran until my lungs asploded. I then took a shower(1)and went to the temple for the first time in a very long while. Wow. Just wow. In the temple I took a shower (2) but didn't have any hair stuff so when I got home I took a shower (3) and got ready for the day. I went shopping and considered myself extremely productive. Kris woke up and I went home only to go on a fantastic picnic. The picnic was followed by a walk around the park. That only made the day better.

Also, a certain RPG was bought and I am SO EXCITED!

Later I got to play Kickball with my whole ward. It was so great. I then went to a "smoke house" with a wonderful bunch of quarkies.

There was making cake and eating it too, there was cats attacking necks and then came the scariest moment of my life. Just so everyone knows, I have a very deep and abiding fear of singing in public, therefore, karaoke revolution is not a game for me. But everyone was so nice and encouraging and I was hyperventilating and I almost died. Finally I just sang. Oh! It was SO SCARY!!!! Seriously, I almost died. But people are so nice to me.

It was a great day

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  1. Prattman8:43 AM

    :-) I'm so happy you decided to sing. You are awesome. It was a good day. Thank you.


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