Sunday, April 16, 2006

This last week has been a lot of fun.

Starting on Monday my work had seen it's share of drama. Usually I'm all up for it, but there is just too much deception accusations circulating. It's getting very old very quickly. Holidays are always stressful but Saturday was worse than ever. I really think I'm done. It's been wonderful working there and I've enjoyed it a lot, but it's time to move on to better paying, better communicating jobs.

On happier topics, there has been an adventure every night this week. So this is what having a social life is like.

Happy Easter!! Kris threw an Easter party this morning and it turned out to be a blast. It was quite enjoyable. After the party the quarkies came to our ward for church. It was hilarious. Kudos to Nate for eating confetti. Way to be. Mark/Matt was there with his fiance and they are so cute together. I really love my ward. It will be sad to see them go, and even sadder than mark/matt will no longer be my home teacher come July. But life continues onward and there are always better things around the next bend. Tonight there are plans to (finally) watch "The Prince of Egypt" which is an astonishingly well done movie. Life is excellent.

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