Tuesday, April 04, 2006

So monday was my official start of spring.
No shoes all day!!!!!!! well, almost all day, but I digress.
Monday I had the best wake up call ever but it only lasted for 30 seconds.
Kris and I went to visit the old catholic priest who apparently now is an action figure. Whatever. He gave me some good advice on my new brilliant idea and now, so I don't forget:


ok? great.

Anyway, much boring stuff later, Kris and I went over to the QPH to make sandwiches and invite everyone on a picnic. Pratt was the only one that came and we had an excellent time in the park. We then ran all over town, crammed Matt and Miriam into the car, and ended up in another park playing frisbee. Oh the joy!
We were joined by Russel and Brad just in time for some random tackeling, some grass fights and at one point I was taken captive by Matt.
Later we went Laser tagging which was wonderful! For the first time I was on the winning team. The music we played to was Star Wars, and at points it was the best laser tag music ever, but during some scores you felt like you should be rolling around in feilds rather than running around in the dark looking for red lights to shoot at. It was lots of fun.
Back to the QPH where I was introduced to a new band that had something to do with toads. The music was excellent. The night continued on and it turned out to be better than expected. Much better. Not that expected to be bad, I was expecting to have a good time, I just had a REALLY good time. anyway, I am rambling now.

Song of the day:YELLOWCARD!!!!!!!!

"Lights And Sounds"
Stop, turn, take a look around
At all the lights and sounds.
Let them bring you in.
Slow burn, let it all fade out,
Pull the curtain down.
I wonder where you've been?


  1. I saw the Old Catholic Priest today. He was driving on our street. I nearly peed my pants. I'll tell you this later, but you can have the added bonus of a comment in your blog.

    How can I help you with your idea? You want me to start bugging you daily about getting it going?

    I decided I don't like the one arena we go into during laser tag. Not when we have as few people as we did last time. The other one is only one floor and it's a lot better when the group is smaller. Perhaps we shall discuss this later. Word.

  2. PratthewMcHale8:13 AM

    Is Toad the Wet Sprockett...not sure what in the world that is supose to mean, but it does mean good music still. :)


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