Friday, April 21, 2006

Ok, let's see if I can explain my last blog.

Last year I visited a certain Catholic priest who gave me some advice. Keep in mind that this man's advice is very valuable to me. I always take his advice seriously (and with a grain of salt mind you this man is an avid member of the NRA). Anyway, last year he turned my whole concept of reality upside down with these words: "Kayla, life is not a game."


Yes. Yes it is. Life is just one big game; it always has been and it always will be. What?

So for the last year I have pondered this. Is life supposed to be taken seriously? Is life meant to be plodded through come what may? Is more hanging in the balance than just winning or losing?

My conclusion is thus:

It's just an object. It's not what you think.

In other words: Life IS a game. A very complex game filled with mini games. Sometimes you lose, sometimes you win, in the end you'll be dead anyway. But life is just a game to be gambled, bribed, cheated and enjoyed.

Let the games begin


  1. yeh i agree with your thoughts

  2. heh. yeah, life's a game of arkham horror ^^

  3. Maybe whoever dies first wins.


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