Saturday, March 09, 2013

What to Expect Says That Readying the Baby's Room is an Important Process for Women. It's Called "Nesting."

When I was pregnant with Ash I had a dining room set that needed to be sanded and stained. I'd never done anything like that before and was a little hesitant to take on the project. The day after I thought she would be born I dragged the eight chairs and table into the driveway and began stripping, sanding, varnishing  and whatever else you do to wood. My neighbor thought I was insane. I probably was. I just felt like AI had to get it done! 

Well, I didn't get it done. It was a huge project and the baby came before it was completed, leaving the sanded half-finished chairs in the garage to rot. I never did finish that project. 

This time around I've once again had that feeling that I just have to get things done! Since finding out I was pregnant, I've repainted the entire front room, kitchen, hallway, and bathroom. I really, really want to paint the doors in the hallway, but since I'm now full-term, I'm thinking I should wait until after the baby is born, lest the project go unfinished forever. 

The bathroom was a real challenge. I hated the way our bathroom looked. The whole thing needs to be remodeled, but that costs money. Paint is cheap.  Here are a few before shots: 

 And after:

I'm stuck on the towels. Should I have black towels? Cobalt Blue towels? White towels?  What do you think? I am obsessed with this towel thing. I MUST finish this project!


  1. I would say white, gray, or whatever matches your cabinetry (can't tell if that's black or dark brown.) It looks really good!

  2. Why/how are you so cool? I have always wondered this. You just do so many cool things!

  3. Gorgeous gorgeous colors! Black towels will fade to a dark gray very quickly. I think light blue would be nice, and white would be stunning but hard to keep clean. Or how about a blue/white stripe for a clean, sharp look? Cream color like your sink might be pretty, unless you don't want to highlight the sink. Next time pick your towels and make the paint match. LOL

  4. It's supposed to be black. It does look a little dark brown. Eventually the door will be painted that color as well.

    I like the blue with white stripe idea. Where does one by really nice looking hand towels? Target? Bed Bath and Beyond?

    I do not want to highlight the sink. As soon as I can manage, that sink and countertop are GONE!

    The obsession of bathroom towels is cool? Well, if you think that, you should see my obsession over bedroom curtains... :)

  5. Haha, no, that's not the cool part, silly. ;) You're just always doing cool things to your house - playground, garden, painting the bathroom. Maybe I'm too easily impressed. ^_^''


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