Sunday, March 03, 2013

Erin Go Bragh

I wanted one last party before the baby was born. I also wanted to make St. Patrick's Day a big deal this year. So I threw a  St. Patrick's Day party at my house for all the mothers of young children in my ward. We had about fifteen adults and thirty kids. I held the party on March 1st, way to early for it to be a real  St. Patrick's Day party, but I wanted to make sure it happened before the baby was born! I tried to make it more of a "Irish Heritage!" theme. Well, more like attempted. 

The invitations said "please bring a healthy green, white, and/or orange snack to share!" (the colors of the flag of Ireland) I wanted to do a fruit salad, so I picked green apples for the green and white, kiwi for the green, and oranges for the orange. While making it I realized the oranges were more white then orange. I paused. This fruit salad was siding dangerously with the Protestants. Maybe I should use mandarin oranges? Mini oranges? What other fruit is orange? Carrots? Not a fruit, but would it taste good in a fruit salad? Are there really no other orange fruits besides oranges? Drek passed by after I had puzzled over this for a few minutes.

"Drek! What fruits are the color orange?" I asked. 

"Mangoes, cantaloupe, tangerines, papaya, apricots, peaches. " He rattled off without hesitation. 

My mouth dropped open. 

Drek shrugged "Orange bell peppers are technically fruit. Orange tomatoes." 

My husband is a genius. Sadly, I used his resource too late, as I didn't have any of those fruits on hand. I think it still turned out ok: 

Next time I would add some mangoes to have a little more Catholic representation. 

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