Thursday, March 14, 2013

I Suppose in the End, the Whole of Life Becomes an Act of Letting Go

Happy Pi Day!

For obvious reasons, I didn't have a party this year. Although we did have shepherd's pie for dinner with fresh blueberry pie for dessert.

Still no baby. We were hoping it would come today. If he was a boy, we would name him Percival Ichabod (First name after the Scarlet Pimpernel; can't get a better hero than that) and he would go by his initials. And for his birth announcement it would say: Introducing the Life of Pi. And every year on his birthday we would celebrate Pi's day.

Sigh. These children. They just never cooperate.


  1. LOL That is awesome! Not awesome that the baby isn't here yet, though.

  2. He's up there in Heaven saying, "Well, I am anxious to be born, but, you know, Mr. Angel, I think I will just wait one more day." No boats with tigers for this little one. What other names are you considering?


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