Thursday, March 07, 2013

Do We Have Enough... Bread-Making Vikings, or Small Home-Repair Vikings...?

We've been in this house for one year, eleven months, and one week. During that whole time, I haven't had and oven, and the stove has been risky to use.  Also, the whole range is ugly: 

Well, after one year, eleven months, one week, lots of trips to Sears Outlet, a fantastic President's Day deal, a visit by the delivery and installation people, a visit by the propane company, a visit by Sears repairman, another visit by the propane company, and several phone calls to both Sears and the propane company, I have this:

And the best part is that IT WORKS. 

I will use this new power to bake cookies.  Or will, as soon as I get some cookie sheets. 


  1. Wow K-La, does anything ever come easy for you? I bet you'll really appreciate it now!

    Auntie "Bee"

  2. If it were easy, I couldn't blog about it!

  3. Coming up next: K La embarks on an epic journey to find a dryer! ;)

  4. Cookies cookies cookies. yum yum yum


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