Tuesday, December 11, 2012

You Remember the Day I Went Out for Cigarettes and Didn't Come Back? You Must Have Noticed

At the beginning of December I finally got the opportunity to take a road trip all by myself  Sure, Ash and I had done one just the two of us, but this one was just me. Even better; it was to Vegas! This worked out well, since Drek despises Vegas. I've dragged him there a few times and while we have fun, he really, really, doesn't like the place. I'm not really sure why I like it so much. I don't gamble, I don't drink, I HATE the porn on the billboards, buildings, and how it is just handed to you on the streets. Still, I love the lights! The excitement  The history! And especially; the standing in front of the Belagio fountains at night. I LOVE that. I could do that everyday. 

Anyway, this trip would have me in Vegas for one night. When I booked my hotel online, I realized that this could be my only chance ever to spend the night on the Strip. Drek would never stay there. There's no way I would ever take Ash into a Casino, even if we were just walking through, so this was it! I booked the cheapest one ($25! See? That is why I love Vegas!)  and didn't pay too much attention to which one. Eh, it wasn't Belagio or Luxor. After that they're all the same. This one has it's own road, so it would be easy enough to find. 

I was off on my trip! I listened to an Audiobook the whole way there and had a very uneventful, very long drive. Finally, I was in Vegas. I found the Tropicana exit, turned down that road, spotted the Tropicana Hotel, parked, and went to check in. 

Except they didn't have my reservation. I panicked. It is, afterall, my very first trip by myself. What do you do if they don't have your reservation? I called Drek. After a lot of numbers, looking stuff up, and a few confused conversations, it came out that my reservation was at the Flamingo; not the Tropicana. 

I had to laugh. I'm not sure why, but those words equal the same thing in my mind. 

So I got back on the freeway, found the Flamingo exit (they BOTH had their own streets. Thus why I was so confused) and had little trouble from there. My room was super nice: Wall to wall, floor to ceiling window with a view of the flamingo exhibit below where they actually keep live Flamingos (not live Tropicanas), a giant bathroom, and a hot-pink Flamingo-colored blanket on the bed (again, not Tropicana-colored). 

It was nice! Of course, I was terrified of being alone in Vegas so I hid in my room the whole time, but it was nice! 

The next morning I made my rendezvous to pick up four children and my  solo car trip came to an end. Traveling home with four small children was filled with a lot more adventure. But we made it back, safe and sound. 


  1. Hey that sounds like MY experience in Vegas! Hide in room terrified of ... well, Vegas.

    But you should have stayed at the Golden Nugget. HELLO, Shark Tank in the pool!!!

  2. That was my first choice, but, alas, I am the size of a planet and don't have a swimsuit to cover my giant-ness. So staying there would have been torture.

  3. No doubt the planet Venus, though! When are you due?


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