Sunday, December 16, 2012

I'll Gnaw Your Face Off! Every Year it Gets Funnier! Ohhh! Happy The Cheat Day, Ilko! May You Never Get the Black Lung

Today Drek gave a wonderful talk in our Sacrament Meeting. He was the last speaker so after he finished we sang a song, said the closing prayer, and started to go. The bishop stood up, asked everyone to stay put for moment while he made an announcement and then said: "I've just been informed by the police that there is a pit bull lose in the area. The pit bull has been attacking people and is dangerous. The police advice everyone to stay indoors until they can contain the situation. " I really wanted him to end with "So attend all your church meetings or a dog will gnaw your face off" but he stopped there.

I didn't stay for all my meetings, though. While there was a threat of a wild dog attack outside, I was already being attacked by my own kidney. Drek got out of his meeting to take me to the E.R. That's a place I just don't like going. Mostly because the outcome is never good: "Well, you should have come in earlier, and we don't really know what's wrong, but take these pills, they might help. If it gets worse come back or you could die. We can't give you any painkillers because you are pregnant. Have a nice day!"

So yeah! Exciting day all around!


  1. They didn't give you painkillers?! Dude, they gave me at least FOUR Vicodin prescriptions when I was pregnant. My, how times have changed.

  2. Of course, I *was* in Arkansas...

  3. can you hear me now?

  4. hooray! Your comment worked!

  5. Man, K LA I hope you feel better soon! Like right this minute! Not even Tylenol? ouch! and if they don't know what's wrong, how do they know you should have come in earlier? So they could have admitted sooner that they don't know what's wrong?

    And then they could have said, "if it gets worse come back..." which is what you did anyway. So there you are, one less visit to the ER to pay for.

    I went to the ER once and they gave me a medication and a referral to a specialist, who said, "That's an odd medication to give you, but now that you're on it keep taking it until you see this other specialist..." ??? Then it takes weeks to get in to the next specialist, but you all thought this was a huge emergency in the first place? Anyway, it's all good, and in spite of the trials of modern medicine, I am grateful for it saving the life of myself and loved ones many times over.


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