Saturday, December 22, 2012

And I Feel Fine

A few weeks ago Drek casually mentioned something like "Hey. We should have an End of The World Party."

Ok! Any Excuse to throw a party! December is a tricky month to make schedules coincide  and the twenty first is so near to Christmas that most people would already be out of town, but we didn't let that stop us. We invited around forty people, and (thankfully, our house is small.)  only about eighteen adults showed up. Eighteen adults and around twenty children. It was a fun night!

As soon as the guests showed up they were given a face mask (or a surgical mask,  or a doctor's mask, or whatever you call them). Everyone brought snacks and we had some very delicious food while the kids played a zombie game. Once all the guests arrived we were ready to play our first game! I stole the game directly from the Zombie Saboteur we played in September:
 Each Survivor is assigned a number on a die. They wear that number on their front for this game. As a group, Survivors are asked trivia questions about survival (i.e. A 27 year old male has been hiking out in 80 degree weather all day. He complains of nausea and dizziness. His skin is hot and dry, he can't walk without staggering around and he no longer responds to questions. What is the diagnosis? A) Dehydration B) Heat Stroke C) He's turning into a Zombie )
For every correct answer, Survivors avoid zombie contamination. For every wrong answer, the die is rolled. The corresponding survivor is now A ZOMBIE!! They must mark a "Z" on their face mask.

The players were actually very good at this game. I asked almost all of my questions before we had the minimum number of zombies required to move on to the next game: Cracker Smacker. With Zombies.

Zombies vs. Survivors. Everyone takes 1 “smacker”, ( a stick of foam)  one cracker and one string. Tie one end to the cracker, and one end to your belt loop. Zombies start on one side, survivors start on the other. When the game starts, zombies and survivors battle each other. The point is to break other’s crackers so there is nothing hanging from a string while protecting your own. Last Man standing wins.

It was a awesome. The party was a huge success and we even managed to end early enough for most of the kids to be home by bedtime. And I'm blogging about this so the world didn't end; another perk. 

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