Friday, September 07, 2012

One Can Begin to Reshape the Landscape With a Single Flower

As promised: What Drek Did to the Front Walk!

I don't have before pictures, because Drek started the project so quickly I didn't have time to grab my camera. But picture the place between the sidewalk and the house filled with little ugly gray pebbles, lots of dead weeds, a few live weeds, and one very ugly bush. I'm not sure what kind of flora it was, it was just ugly. And there was only one, and it wasn't even in the middle. 

That bush it what started the project. Drek went and chopped it down. He then started scooping out the dirt/weeds/pebbles and discovered the area had sprinklers. He then stopped the project for almost two weeks to call a sprinkler repair guy to come fix the sprinklers of our entire front yard. As you can tell from the pictures, we don't have a lawn, but Drek reasoned that he wasn't going to spend the time making the front walkway look nice, and then when we did get a lawn have to dig it all up again to fix the sprinklers to keep the lawn alive. No time like the present to tackle a giant project! 

They guy came, gave the estimate, and a week later came out and fixed the sprinklers. The guy was amazing. Our sprinklers now work beautifully. One day we will give them a lawn to water. One day. 

But anyway, I told Drek he could now get back to the front walk project, but he said he didn't want to until I got plants. The next day while Ash and I were out and about I impulsively stopped by a store and bought $200 worth of plants, dirt, planter boxes and flowers. I couldn't help it! It was Arabian Jasmine! Do you have any idea how good that plant smells?! One sniff and all my reason vanished.

But it turned out to be a good thing, because Drek loved the small almost as much as I did. Early Labor Day morning he and his sister were out there digging holes (which was quite amazing of his sister because she was  visiting for the weekend and on vacation). Drek made another trip to the store to get mulch, trellises, and the glue to hold the red brick border together and finished up the project that night:

Doesn't it look amazing?! Well, you would think so if you had seen a before picture. This is a hundred and ten percent improvement. 


  1. Ahhhh! It looks amazing!

  2. Ooh, very nice. I too love the smell of Jasmine. We like it so much that we even had a cow named that once. She was very gentle. But I have to admit that she didn't smell as nice as the flower.

  3. Gorgeous!!! God job guys!


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