Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fung-Shui Up the Ying Yang

Phew! What a week!

Last week we visited Homeland. Sunday we drove home. I checked my email that same day and found an email written the night before saying the women I visit teach was thrown from a car and in the hospital. She wasn't in a car accident; Thrown from a car, as in, by another human being.

It's times like that when you think to yourself: Man! What do I ever complain about!?

So this week was dealing with that, catching up on the massive amount of work I missed (I'm all caught up! Hooray!), and doing some major projects around the house.

The front room was painted. After debating for several months, I finally picked colors. I have three accent walls and they look delicious! That might be because they were painted a chocolate milk brown and I get hungry every time I look at them, which is frequently, because they look so much better!

Then the kitchen cupboards were cleaned and re-stained. I had nothing to do with that project, my mother-in-law did it all. I tried to help but she said it was her project, so I got to take a nap while she improved my kitchen. I love my mother-in-law.

I dug up my garden, which was a disappointing this year, added new soil, tilled it, laid out new walkways and planted it with new seeds. This will be my first attempt at a winter garden and I am very hopeful.

We have a few more house projects planned, but it's already 11pm on Saturday, so they'll just have to wait till next week. Or maybe two, I might need a rest from so much improvement.

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