Wednesday, September 05, 2012

I Caused Pain and Mayhem, Certainly. But I Put in a Full Day's Work Doing It, and I Got Compensated Appropriately. Welcome to Today's Episode of 'Go Money Go!' I Hear it Daily

I got my first paycheck today! I guess before I announce that I should announce this: I got a job!

It's a work-from-home job, switching my title from a Stay at Home Mom to a Work from Home Mom. I can do the work while Ash is playing by herself (hah!) during the day or at midnight when she is fast asleep. A few times she's crawled up on my lap and helped me type, although that usually doesn't last long because I get too overloaded from all the "helping".

 I'm still in that phase where you are new to everything and aren't good at anything and have to look at the instructions or ask questions every five minutes, but I am improving. And I love my boss. Overall it's going really well.  I can do it on my own time (or more accurately; my daughter's time) and I don't feel it's taking away any time from being a mom. I'm getting that self validation that you get from a job that is so hard to get when you're a mom. And also, a paycheck. So all around it seems to be a good thing.

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  1. What! That's wonderful! I am dying to hear more about this job.


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