Thursday, May 10, 2012

Why Did the Pig Go Into the Kitchen? Because He Felt Like Bakin'

The Relief Society talent show was last night. The closer it got, the more I panicked about sharing my blog as my "talent." On the internet there is no pretense about talent: It's a blog. It may or may not be good. I could be a six-year old. I could be an illiterate. The reader makes no assumptions before reading a post.  Presumably, if you are sharing something at a talent show, whether or not you were forced, the readers think you have some talent in that area. I just can't put my writing out there to be judged like that!

So I called and asked if I could set up my massage table and give out one minute massages instead. It's not a talent, but it is an ability, and in one minute could these sisters really tell the difference? So That's what I did. I think it went well.

The other talents were great. We had the usual: singing, dancing, knitting, and the unusual: doll making, speed yoga, salsa making... One women told three  jokes she had memorized from laffy taffy wrappers. Perhaps my favorite one was a women who stood up and said: "I was asked to share a talent and I said I  didn't have one to share. I sarcastically mentioned I could juggle for five seconds and they said 'Oh! Wonderful! Do that!'"
So she did. It might have been only four seconds, but it was great.

The night was quite wonderful. I hope we do another one next year.


  1. My favorite page in the hymnbook is the one that says we encourage everyone to sing, even if they have no particular musical talent. That's me, but I sing in church anyway and love it.

  2. Maybe if I was a part of that, I'd have to make them all go on a bike ride with me. Maybe that would cure the whole "talent show" thing right up!


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