Monday, May 28, 2012

Cool. Cool Cool Cool. Hot. Hot Hot Hot

Ash and are on a road trip! We stopped by Las Vegas and I had it in my memory that you can see the white tigers at The Mirage for free, so that was our destination. While looking for the tigers, we stopped in front of a beautiful indoor waterfall to take pictures. An older couple came up behind us and smiled at Ash.

"Hi!" they cooed at her. "Remember us?" They looked at me.
I looked at them. I had never seen them before and besides, what are the odds that we would run into someone we know in the middle of a casino in Vegas?
"We were in line with you yesterday at the white tiger exhibit." They turned their attention back to Ash. "Such beautiful eyes! Remember us, honey?"
"Um, I don't think we were here yesterday." I said timidly. But, not wanting them to feel bad I added "But, actually, we were just looking for the tiger exhibit. Do you know where it is?"
The man took a step back and looked amazed. "Are you kidding me?' He exclaimed. He turned back to Ash. "Nah, I know it's you. Were you wearing sparkley gold shoes yesterday, honey?"
"Uh-huh." Ash said, in that stage where that is her answer to any question."
The man took this as proof that I was "kidding him" and that I was mentally unstable. He and his wife hurried away whispering.

Where they in a different temporal reality yesterday? Are there Doppelgangers about? Was I separated from my twin sister at birth and somehow she ended up having a daughter who is the same age and looks just like my daughter, except she owns a pair of sparkley gold shoes instead of sparkley pink shoes?  Oh! Maybe it was my evil twin from a darker timeline with an evil Ash. I wonder if they were wearing felt goatees.

We did find the tigers, but it costs money to see them. But, on the bright side, we did see a really cool indoor waterfall.

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  1. The first time Lucy went to Las Vegas (around age 7), she cried and cried. We tried to see the cool features at the casinos and the animals, but when she saw people at the slot machines she said, "It's just so sad."


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